Iron Horse Regional Trail

32.00 Miles
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Contra Costa
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The Iron Horse Regional Trail runs along an abandoned rail line from Concord in Contra Costa County to Pleasanton in Alameda County. Because of its railroad pedigree, the trail is typically flat and often straight as an arrow. What it lacks in variety it makes up for with miles of trail through some of the fastest growing areas in California.

The rail line was established in 1891 and abandoned in 1977. Thirty years of planning and hard work has yielded a total of 32 miles of trail. Future plans call for expanding the route up to 55 miles.

Besides the telltale signs of the trail's railroading past due to its path there are other remnants of the railroad to be found. The old Danville station has been restored and currently houses the Museum of the San Ramon Valley. A couple of railroad cars provide some extra space. The building was moved about 600 feet from its original 1891 location to its present spot.

Danville Museum
The old Danville train station now houses a museum of local history. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Danville Depot
The Danville train station still sits along the route of the rail line. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Straight shot
Much of the trail is flat and straight since it follows the path of an old rail line. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lots of people make use of the Iron Horse Trail including walkers and cyclists. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
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