Nathanson Creek Preserve

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28 Feet
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In the past Nathanson Creek here was neglected and trash-laden. Invasive weeds and brambles choked the creek. Christy Vreeland spearheaded efforts to transform the area way back in 1993. Almost two decades of concensus building and hard work led to an official grand opening of the preserve in 2011.

The hike and bike path along the creek is paved and mostly flat. At less than a mile in length, the trail can be enjoyed by people of all abilities. Don't look for a hiking workout here though. Think more along the lines of a leisurely stroll.

For the majority of its length it hugs the edge of playing fields and basketball courts. Sonoma Valley High School lies just to the west of the trail and TrainTown to the south. You might even hear a train whistle now and then.

A small garden area at the northern trailhead boasts a variety of local native plants with signs describing them. The signs are in English, Spanish and even Braille.

Playing fields
The trails shirts around plenty of basketball courts and playing fields. You can see some of the mountains in the distance from here. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Native Plants
Native plants on display at the north trailhead. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
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