Ernie Smith Community Park

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18776 Gillman Dr.
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Ernie Banks Regional Park is a small, neighborhood park with a basketball court, baseball diamond and dog park. The trail here is fairly short, paved and mostly flat. While that may mean no challenging hike for some it does mean easy accessibility to many others. For neighbors living in the area it can also serve as a nice stroll after dinner.

Most of the park's visitors make use of the area for things other than hiking or walking. The enhanced wetlands area next to the dog park is popular with birds. Not only are some to be seen darting through the tall grass and shrubs, but ducks can be found paddling through the water.

A fenced in dog park allows pet owners to let Fido off leash and run and play with other dogs without the fear of rushing into traffic. It also means that the dogs will leave the birds in the wetlands area in peace.

To the left of the bridge is the enhanced wetlands area that was popular with birds. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
The trails at Ernie Smith Park are paved, flat and easy to navigate for people of all abilities. (Photo by Austin Explorer)