Lighthouse Trail

Whale watching trail
A view of the trail leading to the whale watching spot.
User: Austin Explorer - 8/16/2014

Location: Point Reyes National Seashore

Rating: 3stars
Difficulty: 3stars  Solitude: 1star
Miles Hiked: 2.74 Miles  Elapsed Time: 1 hour, 54 minutes


Everyone seems to come to Point Reyes for the lighthouse.  At least that's what we thought when we drove to the tip of the peninsula.  I think we might have walked as far from our car to the trailhead as we did from the trailhead to the lighthouse!

It's easy to see why it's the park's signature spot.  The lighthouse perched on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean is stunning.  The 300+ steps (they are labeled) to get down from the cliff highpoint to the lighthouse is a deterent for some, but not many.

From the trailhead, the "trail" is actually a paved road, but it's closed off to all but official vehicles.

Just to the north of the Lighthouse Trail is a short trail leading to whale watching overlook.  Even if whales are not to be found (which they were not on our visit) the spot is ideal for views along Point Reyes Beach as it extends for miles to the north.

A couple of very short trails off the road lead to overlooks where one can catch a glimpse of sea lions resting on rocky ledges above the water.

Log Photos
Whale watching trail
Point Reyes Beach
Point Reyes Lighthouse
Lighthouse Buildings
Light tower
Fresnel Lens