Mapping north of Napa

Rails, roads and rose?
A view from the trail looking east. The highway and railroad is a constant companion but now there are open views over vineyards and the mountains in the distance.
User: Austin Explorer - 3/21/2021

Location: Napa Valley Vine Trail

Rating: 2stars
Difficulty: 1star  Solitude: 2stars
Miles Hiked: 5.81 Miles  Elapsed Time: 2 hours, 2 minutes


Coppertone and I started off where we left off last weekend on our Napa Valley Vine Trail mapping expedition.  We parked along the road and continued north.  Once again, the trail is straight as an arrow and during this hike always sandwiched between the railroad tracks and Solano Ave.  During this segment we actually left the City of Napa and so we enjoyed some more wide open views over vineyards into the mountains on either side of the trail.

The trail was more crowded today than a week ago, but thankfully the path is wide enough to give people plenty of space to pass, usually.  We don't fully understand how 80-90% of cyclists seem to think expiration couldn't possibly spread COVID-19 on to anyone else.  Special that way, I guess.

The northern half of this hike was the more enjoyable.  One is never unaware of the constant cacophony of cars from the highway, no matter where you are.  But the crowds were a bit thinner.  And at times there was suddenly a line of mature trees lining the trail.  It's not nearly enough to block the noise and visual pollution of the roadway but it made me a bit happier anyway.  I did note that there are a large number of younger trees planted further south along the trail.  Perhaps one day more of the path will be a bit more pleasant.

We turned around at a non-descript railroad crossing that's not attached to any street, but just north of Darms Lane.  We doubled back to our trailhead and called it day.

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Rails, roads and rose?
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