Buchli Station

Looking over one of the marshes from the trail.
User: Austin Explorer - 12/19/2021

Location: Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area

Rating: 3stars
Difficulty: 2stars  Solitude: 3stars
Miles Hiked: 4.71 Miles  Elapsed Time: 2 hours, 21 minutes


Coppertone and I happened upon some information online about this other hiking location within Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area.  We were thinking it was going to be similar to our visits to Hudeman Slough nearby.  We were surprised to find a good number of vehicles at the parking lot.  It turns out we were among the last to know about this place!

We started off at the trailhead and headed south along the berm separating two ponds of shallow water and marshes.  It seems most of the trails here are situated on the same "high point".  Thus, the paths are very flat and level, which makes for easy going.  There are a good number of birds foraging and resting here.  Though no expert birders we could state we saw pelicans, godwits, countless ducks, egrets, maybe a couple of grebes and a solitary swan.  If you are an avid birder then you should come hiking here.

Although there were more cars in the parking area than we expected, thankfully everyone seemed to spread out on the trails and we only passed by a few people during our outing.

There is a geocache placed along the trail that we picked up since we were passing by.

My plan was to complete the large balloon loop that circles the two largest ponds in the area.  In the end we were a bit time constrained and doubled back to the trailhead since we could not be 100% certain how much longer it would be to continue forward.  Next time we'll ensure we have enough time to complete the loop.  It also looks like there are a good number of other connected trails to explore in the future.

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