Nice local hike with varied levels of difficulty

Road Ahead
From Hillview Trail
User: junkcollector - 7/17/2009

Location: Eisenhower Park

Rating: 3stars
Difficulty: 2stars  Solitude: 2stars
Miles Hiked: 3.00 Miles  Elapsed Time: 2 hours


There are many trail types available - from naturally rugged to paved with frequent sitting areas.  Admittedly you can hear traffic at times and do run into others, but neither has been enough of a problem for me to stop coming.  I enjoy the well maintained trails and the view from the tower.  For those with kids, the rock climbing playground area to the right of the trailhead is frequnently empty for an added adventure.  Maps are available at the trailhead to help to set your route.  On this day, I took Hillview (natural, rugged) to Red Oaks (natural with a wooden bridge) to the paved path to and from the look-out tower.  The hike took a while, as I frequntly stopped for photos.

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Road Ahead
Troy's Monument
Night has Fallen
Area around Eisenhower Park