From Austin Explorer's log of Wilder Ranch State Park


On the dark peninsula to the left lay a good number of Harbor Seals at rest.

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Recommended Item The Complete Guide to Wilder Ranch State Park
Eric Henze
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The Complete Guide to Wilder Ranch State Park has everything a visitor needs to enjoy Wilder Ranch State Park's 7000 acres.  All trails are covered for hiking, biking and horseback riding.  The book contains descriptions of the majority of the flora and fauna within the park, with over 53 plants and 34 mammals covered in detail photos for nearly every species.  

Both the history of the Wilder lands and its people are covered. Visitors can take a self-guided tour of the buildings of Wilder Ranch with every building on the property explained.  A completely revised map was created for the book and includes over 190 full color photos.  There's even a section on surfing!

The book is great for everyone, from families who want to learn more about old west dairy farming to hikers who just want to enjoy this amazing park!