San Angelo State Park Photos

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I Showed You How it Was Done, Now Get Your Own!
An adult Lark Sparrow has his food, now he's told the juvenile to get his own meal. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Young Buck Crossing the River
There is some water in the North Concho River but much more would be appreciated! (Photo by MikeHikes)
One of Three New Bison Calves
This is one of the three bison calves I saw today. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Colorful Flower
No buffalo gourds yet but the flowers are colorful and attracted lots of insects. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Glorious West Texas Sunrise!
Very colorful start to a good day at the park! (Photo by MikeHikes)
This Year's First Painted Bunting
Not the best photo but proof that a male Painted Bunting was spotted! (Photo by MikeHikes)
The Meeting Place
Don't know what kind of bugs these are but this cactus blossom was "T-H-E PLACE" to meet! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Busy Bee in the flower
This bee got a lot of pollen on his body before departing to the next flower. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Today was Lizard Day!
I spotted at least a dozen lizards on Roadrunner Loop today (4-27-20). These were the first lizards spotted this year and the first time I've seen this many on any one trail. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Startled Javalina
While on Roller Coaster Trail, I heard an explosive snort and one javalina ran in front of me. I looked to my right and I saw the second one, hackles raised, watching to see what I'd do - I snapped a pic and continued my hike, leaving it alone. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Four Turkey Vultures just waiting in the tree for something to die. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Year's First Scissortail Flycatcher
A shy scissortail was spotted today - I tried to get closer and he'd fly further away. I didn't want to disturb him any further, so after I took this picture, using a zoom lens, I departed. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Foggy Morn
Thick fog at the park to start the hike. Once the sun began to shine, the fog quickly burned off. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Short Climb
Red Dam Loop Trail is a good place to visualize what the park looked like when the reservoir was full. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Agarita Starting to Bloom!
When I smell the plant's fragrance, I think of mesquite smoke, honey and hot, dry sand. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Early Morning at the Park
Some of the park longhorns having breakfast on a cold but sunny morning. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Sunrise at Burkett Park
An early start means you get to watch the sunrise at the park! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Survived the hunts!
This young buck survived the recent hunts - perhaps his luck will continue for a few more years! (Photo by MikeHikes)
A View of O.C. Fisher at 10% capacity
Not much water but enough for some of the migrating birds. The dam is eight miles long and being repaired by the Army Corps of Engineers. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Last Sunset of 2019
After the hike, I waited for sunset and was rewarded with this. (Photo by MikeHikes)
Small piece of Roadrunner Loop
The trail is designed for hikers only. It's pretty level with very modest inclines/declines and is mostly dirt with a few rocky places. O.C. Fisher reservoir (presently at 11% capacity) can be seen in the background. (Photo by MikeHikes)
New Info Kiosk at Bell's Trailhead
Some years back, the old info kiosk was destroyed by high winds. This year the park has put new info kiosks at various locations in the park. There are really informative! (Photo by MikeHikes)
Missing a Point but Still Kicking
Took me a second to notice the buck is missing one of his points (above left ear) - does this make him an 8 or 7 point buck? He didn't mind losing a point as long as the hunters continue to lose sight of him. (Photo by MikeHikes)
A Survivor
Park was closed last week for hunting - at least one buck escaped! He very cautiously watched me and after I took his photo, he bolted into the brush and disappeared. (Photo by MikeHikes)