Point Reyes National Seashore Photos

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Headed back
Coppertone takes in the views from the trail as we double back to the trailhead. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A sampling of the logjam of people descending to the falls as we were preparing to leave. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Coppertone scales the slot
Coppertone works her way up the steep pitch off the beach from Alamere Falls. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A shot of Alamere Falls with hikers resting on the beach below. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Alamere Falls
A vertical shot of Alamere Falls. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lower Alamere Falls
The final step of Alamere Falls as it crashes onto the beach. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Upper Alamere Falls
The top three steps of Alamere Falls before it falls onto the beach below. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The first glimpse of the people around the top of the falls. The falls popularity would become even more apparent as we got closer. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Towards the Falls
A view from the Alamare Falls Trail towards the Pacific Ocean. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Pelican Lake
A little further down the trail, Pelican Lake's sole occupiers appeared to be waterfowl, including some of the lake's namesake. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Bass Lake
Not too far off the trail, Bass Lake appeared to be a popular swimming destination. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
Most of the Coastal Trail is a bit inland of the coast. Here one can spot hikers on the other side of valley heading uphill. There's even a bit of fog lingering. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Pacific Ocean
Close to the Palomarin trailhead one gets a view of the Pacific Ocean below the steep cliffs, if the fog is not obscuring it. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
McClures Beach
A view of McClures Beach from the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
More Elk
Did we mention that there were Elk along this trail? (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Majestic Elk
On the way back to the trailhead several elk were so kind as to pose elegantly on a rocky outcropping. A Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom moment. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A cooperative butterfly encountered on the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A small cluster of trees like these are about all you will see on this trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Tomales Point
The turnaround point for the Tomales Point Trail is a popular spot to rest for a drink and a snack. There are lots of shore birds flying by to look at as well as the ocean waves. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Almost there?
Austin Explorer thinks he can almost see Tomales Point from here. Actually, no. But he is getting closer. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Resting Elk
On the way back, these elk were resting near the Elk Pond. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Elk Pond
Several elk enjoy a drink at the largest pond along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Towards the point
The preparing to descend into a saddle before the final hill preceding the point. The small spot of land to the left is Bird Island (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
A view of the trail with the Pacific Ocean to the left. A layer of fog obscures the higher elevation hills to come. (Photo by Austin Explorer)