Hood Mountain Regional Park Photos

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Log Bridge
Coppertone looks happy to almost done with the hike and thankful for the handhold over the log bridge. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Steep terrain
The path towards Sugarloaf sometimes slices through steep grassy fields, but traversing it thankfully. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Clearer View
Now we can see across most of the valley. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The winds were howling through this saddle ridge. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sonoma Valley
After moving on from the overlook the fog finally starts to burn off. It would get progressively clearer throughout the remainder of the hike. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Gunsight Rock Overlook
Where's our vista over Sonoma Valley? Mostly hidden by fog. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Hood Mountain Summit
The very peak of Hood Mountain was badly burned, as these Manzanita bushes indicate. Some of them are already growing back though. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Summit Trail
The hiker only Summit Trail was a pleasant change of pace from the main jeep trail and higher up it was not overgrown. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Rocky path
As we get nearer the summit the terrain turns rockier. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
As we gain altitude we have more vista opportunities, but the fog is lasting longer than we expected. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Looking back
A family of hikers follow us down the path towards Santa Rosa Creek. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail Fog
At the start of the hike the fog at elevation provided welcome relief from Sun and heat. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Panorama overlook
Coppertone and me at the overlook on the Panorama Ranch Trail overlooking the Azalea Creek Canyon. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Headed Down
The soil on the Panorama Ranch Trail is less nutrient rich, causing the trees growing here to be shorter then elsewhere in the park. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Summit View
The view from the top of Hood Mountain. Thick tree and brush cover makes finding a vista point difficult. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sonoma Valley Again
A little farther down the path from the Valley View Trail vista point, there's more to be seen. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sonoma Valley
Peering down into Sonoma Valley from the Valley View Trail vista point. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Merganser Pond
A view of the tranquil Merganser Pond from the trail which runs over the earthen berm that contains it. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Coppertone working her way up one of the many switchbacks to the summit of Hood Mountain. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
Lower Johnson Ridge Trail provides ample tree cover, but is also dumps out onto a paved road for some steep sections. (Photo by Austin Explorer)