Mount Tamalpais State Park

50.00 Miles
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Stinson Beach
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Split the difference
Coppertone stands right in the middle of the trail as it bisects a couple of large Redwoods. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
It's not too often that one finds a ladder on a trail. But here one is on the aptly named Steep Ravine Trail with Coppertone halfway up. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Hollowed out base
Coppertone stands in the hollowed out center of a large Redwood tree. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Another bridge
Yet another bridge over the creek. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The Steep Ravine Trail features a number of bridges that cross Webb Creek. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Did we mention there were lots of stairs on these trails? (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Stinson Beach
The Dipsea Trail opens up as it gets nearer to the Pacific. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Dipsea Marker
The Dipsea Trail follows the path of the oldest trail race in America. The first Dipsea race was held in 1905. Coppertone here poses along a marker. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The trail as it makes a transition into a Redwood grove brings about an abrupt change in the forest floor cover. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Hiking with a view
Two hikers on the trail enjoy views of the Pacific off to their right. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Top of SF
It's a bit fuzzy, but the gap in the mountains in the distance reveals the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and the skyscrapers of San Francisco. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Dipsea Trail
A set of hikers ahead of us along the Dipsea Trail heading towards the Pacific. (Photo by Austin Explorer)

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