Spring Lake Regional Park

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393 Violetti Rd.
Santa Rosa
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Spring Lake as seen from the Spring Lake Loop.
Spring Lake as seen from the Spring Lake Loop.
Bracketed between Annadel State Park and Santa Rosa's Howarth Park, Spring Lake Regional Park is administered by the Sonoma County Regional Parks system. At 320 acres, the park manages to pack a reported 9.7 miles of trails.

There are two loop trails that encircle the lake that gives the park its name, Spring Lake. The smaller loop, called Spring Lake Loop, is an easy paved path that provides ADA accessible mileage almost completely surrounding the lake. A small section of the trail is broken up by a parking area which does not provide too much of a barrier.

Spring Creek Trail heading back into the park from the adjacent Annadel State Park.
Spring Creek Trail heading back into the park from the adjacent Annadel State Park.
The larger outer trail is called the Horse Loop. Many signs marking entrance to the Horse Loop shows a horse rider only, which may cause visitors to wonder whether other users are welcome. But most users you'll find here are hikers and a smaller number of bicyclists.

The two loops provide options for visitors. Whereas the Spring Lake Loop is suitable for every walker imaginable, the rougher Horse Loop's trail surface is a mixture of packed dirt, rock and in some sections gravel. If you're looking for more of a traditional hike, then look for the Horse Loop. An added benefit of the Horse Loop is that it tends to be a bit better shaded.

Several trails heading out of Spring Lake Regional Park lead into the two parks that sit on either side of the park.

The parking at Spring Lake is spread out over meandering driveways. So don't panic if the first parking area you come across is full. Though the swimming area was closed at the time of our visit, by the look of things the crowds here, and thus the parking, may be more at a premium at the height of the summer season.

Horse Loop
Coppertone leads the way on the Horse Loop Trail. Despite its name, the trail is part of the Bay Area Ridge Trail system and is open to all users. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Boat in the lake
A couple of sailing boats were plying the lake during our visit. Looking over Spring Lake Loop from the outer Horse Loop trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Spring Lake Loop
A view of the Spring Lake Loop trail as it passes between Spring Lake and the swimming lagoon. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
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