The best pure hike in Palo Duro!

You can actually see the miniature railcars in the front yard of the family that used to run the operation in the park. This located just a couple of miles from the park. Liability insurance rates shut it down.
User: Austin Explorer - 9/26/2005

Location: Palo Duro - CCC Trail

Rating: 5stars
Difficulty: 4point5stars  Solitude: 4point5stars
Miles Hiked: 4.20 Miles  Elapsed Time: 2 hours, 50 minutes

Comments: This old CCC trail starts at the information center and is being reclaimed and doesn't appear on the park maps, but it is open. We didn't really know where this would take us and we were pleasantly surprised. This is the only hike up on the rim of the canyon, giving a completely different viewpoint than other hikes. It leads to numerous overlooks and a sidetrail of steep switchbacks leads down to the Texas amphitheater. If you really want a hike for hike's sake, this is the one to do. We saw no one else on the trail, just people at the information center or on the road wondering how we got up there.

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CCC structure
Trail View
Table Rock
The Great Beyond
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