Beautiful Hike

Nice Views!
User: jmitchell - 9/4/2007

Location: Palo Duro - CCC Trail

Difficulty:  Solitude:
Miles Hiked: 4.50 Miles  Elapsed Time: 2 hours, 30 minutes


Trail descends rapidly and hugs the canyon wall. Lots of road noise on the entire trip. Encountered lots of spiders along the way. Also saw numerous deer. Nice touches on the trail such as resting benches and bridges. Came to a fork, left basically ends shortly at the road with no where to go, right fork (marked amphitheater) is the way to go. Mid way is fairly easy going with nice views, then you reach another fork in the trail. Left goes down to the Amphitheater (I did not take this trail, It apeared to be very steep and I was hurting still from the previous days hike at Caprock Canyon) the right fork takes you out to the point. Spectacular views and if you are brave enough you can venture all they way out to the point (not me!)

I saw no one else the entire trip. Overall, this was a very enjoyable early morning hike.

Log Photos
CCC Trail
CCC Trail
CCC Trail
Area around Palo Duro - CCC Trail
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