Sonoma Valley Regional Park Photos

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The large number of woodpeckers in the area have made their presence known. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
It's late enough in the year that all of the grasses have turned to a golden brown. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
This touching memorial for victims of the 2017 fire lies along the Valley of the Moon Trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Cougar Trail
Last year's fire has left its mark as the blackened tree trunks are still apparent. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Damselfly Pond
Looking over Damselfly Pond as Cougar Trail goes from left to right. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
No worries about high grasses at this point in the area's fire recovery. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A skillfully placed cairn of rock sits atop an old fence post along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Green and black
Lots of evidence along the trail of regrowth (green) right next to areas needing a bit more time (black). (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Dairy Area
Most structures of the Sonoma Developmental Center's former dairy farm burned in the fire. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Suttenfield Lake
Most of the hike was near the shore of Suttenfield Lake. Green grasses contrasted with darkened areas and trees that had not yet bounced back. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
On the trail
A few group members working their way down the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
This Lupine along the trail reminded me of Texas Bluebonnets. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Lake Suttonfield
A view of the lake shore and the trail that parallels it. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Suttonfield Keyhole
A keyhole view of the lake from the trail. Off in the distance is the Sonoma Development Center. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Our loop around the lake included a small detour featuring a steep ascent and descent. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Hills and Mountains
Along the rougher trails at the park there are plenty of vistas given the mix of trees, prairies, hills and mountains in the area. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Blue Skies, Partly
The brief dry spell even provided a few hints at blue skies. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sutton Lake
Overlooking Sutton Lake and some of the Sonoma Developmental Center land adjacent to the park. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sonoma Mountain
Looking back on the Woodland Star Trail towards Sonoma Mountain in the distance. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Into the rough
Coppertone leads the way at the start of the rougher and more secluded Woodland Star Trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The blooming California Lupine reminded us of Texas Bluebonnets. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Creek side
The paved trail follows Black Canyon Creek before it spills into Sonoma Creek. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Valley of the Moon Trail
The main, easy trail is a favorite with families and dog walkers. (Photo by Austin Explorer)