Tolay Lake Regional Park Photos

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As the sky cleared and temperatures rose even the cows were seeking shade under this lonely tree. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Headed back
Coppertone heads down the mountain back to the trailhead. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trailhead, in the distance
From the Three Bridges Vista Point, looking out over the width of Tolay creek's valley back towards the park's headquarters and our trailhead. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Mount Tam
Mount Tam resides in the distance at the center of the shot. Rolling in the foreground at the hills of Tolay Lake Regional Park. On clearer days the Golden Gate Bridge can be spotted, part of the reason for this spot's name, Three Bridges Vista Point. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Cougar Mountain
Cougar Mountain and Sonoma Speedway as seen from Three Bridges Vista Point. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Looking back on the trail towards the most treed portion of the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Getting close
The trail continues to ascend along East Ridge Trail a bit less than a half mile from Three Bridges Vista Point. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A few more trees
There are few trees in the park, but along a section of trail that parallels a seasonal creek there are a bit more. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Looking back
Looking back towards the trailhead on the opposite side of the valley. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Barn and Pond
From the East Ridge Trail looking over an adjacent property's barn and pond and vineyards on the rolling hills. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Vineyard and cows
The vineyard on the left is private property adjacent to the park. Near the center is the first of several gates along the trail. A coupe of cows can be seen hanging out. Looking for a way to open it? (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Towards the ridge
The few trees along the Causeway disappear and it's open skies for most of the hike. Our goal is straight ahead. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The Causeway Trail crosses Tolay Lake. Chimney Swifts loved darting between the trees, and us. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Shade, at last
The Cardoza Road Trail is one of the few trails in the park with any hint of shade. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
We're being followed
This noisy cow "followed" us for a few minutes along the trail. Turns out she was just headed for a watering hole to drink before heading to another group of cows. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Headed back
Still not a tree to be found as we head back. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
San Francisco and Mount Tam
From the Bay View Vista looking SW one can make out the skylines of Oakland and San Francisco (center) and Mount Tam (to the right). (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Cougar Mountain and Mount Diablo
From Bay View Vista looking SE one can see Mount Diablo in the East Bay in the distance at center. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Headed back
A couple of hikers head back to the main parking area off in the distance. Note the cluster of cows along the trail ahead of them. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Rolling Hills
Looking through rolling hills to the ridge on the opposite side of the park. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Petaluma Marsh Vista
From the Petaluma Marsh Vista one can see the Petaluma River but also Mount Tam in the distance to the left. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Farm Buildings
Looking back towards the numerous farm buildings at the park's main parking area. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
A typical trail view at Tolay Lake - a tractor trail, lots of grassland and very few trees. (Photo by Austin Explorer)