Inks Lake State Park Photos

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Nifty fern
This nifty fern is one of several that grows out of rocks at Inks Lake. (Photo by plectrudis)
Giant granite boulder host communities of plants in their shade
The edges of boulders evidently provide a special, protective microclimate for small but thriving communities of plants. (Photo by plectrudis)
Another View Of The Trail
This is another view of the trail. (Photo by Blaze)
Good Signage
The signage in this park is very good. (Photo by Blaze)
View Of The Trail
This is a view of the trail and lake. (Photo by Blaze)
Green Trailhead
This is one of the starting/ending points on the Green Trail. (Photo by Blaze)
Entrance Sign
This is the sign along the road near the entrance of the park. (Photo by Blaze)
The trailhead resides at the back of the loop road that encircles the park lake. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
The only creek crossing of any significance includes a bridge. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Cacti and Rocks
This photo sums up the hike at Inks Lake. There's brush, there are trees and cacti and there's lots of bald rock. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
We saw a large number of these lizards along the trail. Most ran off into the underbrush when approached. This one was a bit more curious. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Views of nature are not the only things to be seen from the trail. Here's a castle, right here in the Hillcountry. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Like Enchanted Rock, Inks Lake is home to plants that find a way, somehow, to find a cool, shady place in which to grow. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trail View
There is some shade during the hike such as this section, but open skies are more of the norm. So wear your sunscreen! (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Find the trail
Occassionally it's hard to follow the trail when it crosses rock outcroppings. Previous hikers have made the way more apparent with guiding lines of stone. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Inks Lake
Along the trail are several great views of Inks Lake. This spot sits on a granite dome and another dome can be seen across the water. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Another Trail View
Two large granite spires loom overhead through the trees along the trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Granite Daisies
(Photo by BlazerMan)
Greater Earless Lizard
(Photo by BlazerMan)
Devil's Waterhole
(Photo by BlazerMan)
Lichen covered Granite
(Photo by BlazerMan)
Granite Exfoliation
(Photo by BlazerMan)
The <a href="">Falkenstein Castle</a> is in the background. (Photo by BlazerMan)