Sugarloaf Ridge State Park Photos

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The last sloping descent back to our starting point. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Indian Rock
Looking back at Indian Rock. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Other people
We only spotted a couple of people hiking on the trail other than us. Here they come. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A vineyard resides on the opposite side of the canyon from Vista View. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Trailhead, in the distance
From Vista View, it's possible to spot the buildings and parking area near our starting point. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Vista View
The scene at Vista View is spectacular. Here, layers of peaks can be spotted in the distance. But there is an almost 360 degree panorama. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Grasses, now yellow this time of year, dominate the slopes along this section of trail. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Opening up
About half way through Vista Trail the canopy opens up. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A break in the tree cover provides a glimpse of numerous peaks stacked up in the distance. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Looking back on just one set of the many stairs we had to ascend. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Coppertone works her way uphill on the first half of the hike. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Headed back
It's all downhill from here, or mostly. Headed down Gray Pine Trail back towards our trailhead. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Napa Valley
Along the upper reaches of the Brushy Peaks Trail there are several views into the adjoining Napa Valley. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Brushy Peak Spur sign
The spur trail leading to Brushy Peaks suffered from the 2017 fire as well. But it's still serviceable. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Brushy Peaks View
Canyon view as seen from Brushy Peaks. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Fire scars
Though the park has partially healed from the 2017 fire, some damage is still evident. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Picnic view
A great spot for a picnic features this view. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Looking back
Looking down the canyon back towards the trailhead in the distance. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
A look at the vineyard on the opposite side of the canyon. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Brushy Peaks Trails
The trail followed a dry creek at the start with plenty of tree cover. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Meadow Trail
The Meadow Trail rolls over gentle hills and is typically open to the Sun. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Sugarloaf Ridge
The unnamed trail off of Pony Gate leads more directly back to the park entrance and provided some of the first open sky views of our hike. Here, Coppertone descends down a meadow with the peaks of Sugarloaf Ridge in the distance. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Pony Gate Trail
Pony Gate consisted of near constant ascents, crossing several streams. (Photo by Austin Explorer)
Volunteers have done a wonderful job of maintaining the trails, here repairing a bridge to make the journey easier. (Photo by Austin Explorer)