Austin Explorer's Trail Log Entries

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 Sonoma Valley Regional Park  9/2/2018
 Emerald Bay State Park  6/19/2018
 Tahoe Rim Trail  6/18/2018
 Sonoma Overlook Trail  5/28/2018
 San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge  5/20/2018
 Hood Mountain Regional Park  5/13/2018
 Mount Burdell Open Space Preserve  4/29/2018
 Sugarloaf Ridge State Park  4/1/2018
 Jack London State Historic Park  3/25/2018
 Howarth Park  3/18/2018
 San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge  3/11/2018
 Sugarloaf Ridge State Park  2/17/2018
 Oat Hill Mine Trail  2/11/2018
 Oat Hill Mine Trail  1/28/2018
 Sonoma Valley Regional Park  1/14/2018
 Westwood Hills Park  12/31/2017
 Nathanson Creek Preserve  12/28/2017
 Alston Park  12/24/2017
 Sonoma Valley Regional Park  9/15/2017
 Cloverdale River Park  8/19/2017
 Discovery Well Cave Preserve  8/9/2017
 Rosemary Denny Park  8/8/2017
 Elizabeth Milburn Park  8/6/2017
 Ragle Ranch Regional Park  7/30/2017
 Bluff Top Trail  7/16/2017